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This camera belonged to my aunt - Adelie Hurley - Australia's first female Press Photographer.


I have been interested in photography forever. Living in Sydney, I studied archaeology, practised it, then became a sculptor and painter - all the while making images. I have a huge sense of humour and like using it as satire, parody or whatever. Also enjoy juxtaposition in images. My small camera stays in my bag and goes where I go, every day.


Presently, my first love is Street Photography with experimentation using long exposures. I enjoy the spontaneity, the true life grit, and the huge challenge of it. 


Currently using a Sony RX100 and Olympus E-M1.


Publication; 8 images in Creative Street Photography - best of 2012


Highly Commended International Street Photography Awards 2014:


Flickr Photostream:

For accommodation during beach photography I use:

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